Brigette Foresman, Author

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, she is the youngest of eight children and the mother of three. Brigette began her writing career in 2013 with "The Tattle-Tell-Me-All Children's Book Series" and has continued to write in several genres under various pen names.

The Tattle books are for children 2-7 years of age. The main character, Tattle, enjoys sharing her experiences.  

The Tattle-Tell-Me-All Children's Book Series consists of simple, relatable stories for children that instill good old-fashioned family values!   Each Tattle book comes with several activity pages for your child to enjoy.

"The Modern Baby Fundamentals Series" is a series of picture books for children 1-7 years-old. These early learner children's books provide a new resource for parents focusing on advancing vocabulary development for their child; "S" is for "Satellite," and "C" is for "Computer." Educational books with pictures for tots & information for older siblings!

In 2016, Brigette published "The Silent Warrior's Practical Communication Aid" (adult edition) & "I Am A Silent Warrior" (children's edition) to assist in providing an alternative communication resource after learning of a friend's challenges from a debilitating stroke. These two communication books provide detailed, large print communication charts for those diagnosed with medical conditions resulting in the loss of speech and the immobility of one's arms/hands, to the extent of the inability to communicate through writing or the use of technological communication devices. The Silent Warrior books utilized in conjunction with a communication partner, as a "Point & Signal" method.